Recap of the CCOLD Allied Health Session

Lymphoma Canada presents a recap of the CCOLD Allied Health Session:

  • Preserving Fertility
  • PTSD with Lymphoma Diagnosis

Lymphoma Canada's Nursing Advisory Board member Trisha Hudson, as she speaks about two important topics regarding lymphoma patient care—Preserving Fertility and PTSD with Lymphoma Diagnosis—which were discussed at the Canadian Conference on Lymphoproliferative Disorders (CCOLD) in March, 2017.

Trisha Hudson, RN, BScN, CCRP
After completing her BScN degree at Dalhousie University she began working as a RN on the hematology/oncology/BMT inpatient unit at the Queen Elizabeth Health Sciences Centre in Halifax, NS. She then began a position as a hematology research coordinator where she has been involved in lymphoma clinical trials for the past five years. These clinical trials include treatment of both Hodgkin and non-Hodgkin lymphoma in both front line and relapsed settings. Trisha is very passionate about clinical trials and the future of lymphoma research. She lives in Halifax with her husband Allan and English bulldog Angus and enjoys running in her free time. 

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