Dr. Madan Bali

Dr. Madan Bali is an extraordinary example of a healthy lifestyle. Now in his nineties, he continues sharing the joy of yoga in his classes and workshops. He is a Vedanta scholar with a Doctorate in Complementary Medicine. He is also one of the best sources of wisdom and knowledge about yoga and its applications for wellness in everyday life.

Founder-director of Yoga Bliss, he was born in Northern India where he developed an interest in a spiritual path from a young age. A long time yoga practitioner, he immigrated to Canada in 1969 and began sharing his knowledge. For over 45 years Dr. Bali has successfully introduced Yoga in Montreal at several colleges and school boards as part of the curriculum, as well as hospitals, corporations, and community centers. He has developed Yoga as a complementary form of therapy in treating psychosomatic disorders. His practical and extensive experience of the therapeutic benefits of Yoga techniques is particularly useful in today’s fast-paced stressful way of life.

“Being brought up in India, amidst the cultural milieu of yoga and its philosophy gives a certain edge to understanding the comprehensive, broad-based nature of a very well structured system.” Dr. Madan Bali

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Melanie Richards

Founder and Director of HappyTree Yoga Studio in Montreal, Melanie leads Hatha, Yin and Gentle Yoga teacher trainings. She was recognized as an outstanding citizen by CTV’s The Power of One for her work in the community with cancer patients and underprivileged youth, and is the winner of a Quebec Notable Award for social entrepreneurship. Melanie is a passionate presenter and writer (TEDx Montreal Women, RVH Foundation, MUHC Conferences, Wanderlust Tremblant, Montreal Natural Magazine) on the topics of yoga and health. 

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Brian D'Oliveira

Brian D’Oliveira is an award-winning composer and multi-instrumentalist based in Montreal, Canada. Born in Trinidad and Tobago, he was raised in an artistic environment in Venezuela, Austria and Canada. His multicultural background has laid down the foundation for his trajectory of artfully blending ancient cultures and musical influences, giving them a new life in modern formats.  A sound alchemist and healer at heart,  he is constantly pushing the envelope, mastering new instruments, technologies and tools and regularly studies traditional music with masters from across the world in places such as the Peru and India. Recently his evocative work as a composer and multi-instrumentalist has brought many accolades, earning him G.A.N.G. and IGN Awards as well as countless nominations including BAFTA and GDC Awards. Brian D’Oliveira is looking toward the future, discovering new ways and forms to tell stories with sound and music.

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