Lisa Brookman and Elizabeth Wiener

Wise Women Canada is the initiative of Lisa Brookman, a Montreal based clinical psychotherapist. With over 18 years of experience in the field of social work, Lisa has guided hundreds of clients in making positive life changes. Together with her friend and colleague Elizabeth Wiener, a teacher with a background in inclusive education, they strive to help empower women to reach their fullest potential.

Lisa and Liz’s 30-year friendship has always been based on a mutual exchange of goods and services. Liz doesn’t let Lisa walk out of the house without being properly accessorized and Lisa regularly eases Liz’s stress with a little therapy and a lot of patience. The Betty and Wilma of the modern age, “Lisa and Liz” have consolidated their strengths to build Wise Women Canada, a lifestyle blog that dispenses advice, wisdom and stories designed to educate and inspire with a focus on mental health issues and advocacy.

They recently launched their Wise Women CJAD 800 radio show which airs every Sunday night from 8-10pm.


Lisa Brookman is a clinical social worker and psychotherapist with 18 years of experience working with adults and adolescents who have faced a range of complex challenges. She is the founder and co-director of the West Island Therapy Centre, a Montreal-based clinic offering psychological services to children teens and adults.

Lisa is a passionate advocate of mental health issues and is actively working to help break the pervasive stigma that surrounds the disease. She loves working with people and she takes immense pleasure in watching her clients move forward and achieve success. Her clinical experience includes working with individual, couple and group therapy for issues such as infertility, postpartum depression, parenting challenges, marital conflict, anxiety, depression, grief, bereavement and life cycle issues.

Lisa is a seasonal lecturer at McGill University School of Social Work and is a regular contributor on Breakfast Television Montreal and The Huffington Post Canada. Her new radio show, Wise Women, on Montreal's CJAD 800 talk radio launched in September 2016 to rave reviews. Lisa also writes a monthly mental health column in Best Health Magazine.

Lisa is married to her husband a clinical psychologist, and is most notably, a mom of three amazing kids, dog mom of one, a self-proclaimed home décor guru and an aspiring Master Chef contestant. 

Lisa's goal with is to create a digital “safe space” for Canadian women, not unlike the offerings in her private practice. Think of as the plushiest couch with a cashmere throw, the best latte you’ve ever tasted, and your best friend sitting across from you. Everyone has a story, what's yours? 


After completing a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Bachelor of Education from McGill University, Elizabeth Wiener parlayed her academic pursuits and her passion for helping children into an inclusive education career. As a strategic tutor, Liz helps kids and occasionally adults with learning challenges as well as organizational and study skills. Her biggest reward is seeing her students develop self-confidence and a “can do it” attitude that lends itself to every facet of their lives. As co-founder of Wise Women, Liz is also a passionate mental health advocate. A lifelong sufferer of anxiety and depression, Liz wrote her first piece on mental health shortly after Robin Williams death in August of 2014, but sat on it for two months. Like so many, she worried that “coming out of the mental health closet” would diminish her credibility as a professional, as a mother and a friend. According to the Canadian Association for Mental Health, 20% of the Canadian population will suffer from a form of mental illness in their lifetime. Armed with these statistics, Liz was determined to fight the pervasive stigma that exists and actively encourages others to raise their hands in solidarity, without shame.

The positive reaction she has received on has buoyed her and so many others to come forward from behind the shadows. Liz is a co-host of the Wise Women Show on CJAD Radio covering the diverse topics that matter to Canadian women, with a focus on mental health, as well as a monthly columnist for Best Health magazine. Liz is also a trained make- up artist with an avid interest in fashion styling and art-journaling. A busy wife, mom of three, and a dog mom of 1, Liz has made it her life’s mission to teach her children and husband all about importance of accessorizing and the creative side of life.

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