Alexandra Dupuis Taillefer

After 25 years experience in modern dance and classical ballet, I discovered hot yoga and meditation which have been my passion for the last 15 years.

Yoga has allowed me to keep in good physical condition, remain flexible and above all, to enjoy the pleasure of movement. As for meditation, it has enabled me to refocus and rejuvenate myself at every stage of my life.

 At an early age, I had the opportunity to teach dance and yoga in Montreal and its vicinity. I also recently obtained certification in “SUP yoga” (paddle board on water) since I love water… and swim like a fish!

After academic training in science, I received a BA in medicinal chemistry. For 14 years, I was involved in both the medical and pharmaceutical fields. Thanks to this valuable experience, I regard myself as an artist with a scientific mind... which I consider to be the best of both worlds.

Science, dance and the daily practice of yoga have helped me achieve the balance I so eagerly sought – the respect for body, mind and soul. Teaching these disciplines is my true calling.


Thank you,


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Brian D'Oliveira

Brian D’Oliveira is an award-winning composer, multi-instrumentalist, and creative director based in Montreal, Canada. His successful career reflects an extraordinary combination of creativity, talent, dedication and drive. He has contributed music to hundreds of productions including TV series, documentaries, commercials, fiction films and video games.

Born in Trinidad and Tobago and raised in an artistic environment between Venezuela, Austria and Canada, his multicultural background has laid down the foundation for his trajectory of artfully blending ancient cultures and musical influences, giving them a new life in modern formats. A sound alchemist at heart, he is constantly pushing the envelope, mastering new instruments, technologies and tools. He is the Founder, CEO and Creative Director of La Hacienda Creative, a full-service music and audio post-production studio in Montreal and Toronto.

Recently his evocative work as a composer, multi-instrumentalist and sound designer on the soundtracks of video games such as Papo & Yo, Tearaway and LittleBigPlanet 3 has brought many accolades, earning him G.A.N.G. and IGN Awards as well as countless nominations including BAFTA and GDC Awards, noting his artistic achievement and inventive contribution to the medium. Brian D’Oliveira is looking toward the future, discovering new ways to tell stories with sound and music.

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Mayra Husic

Back in 2011, Mayra was diagnosed with Stage 4 Follicular Lymphoma while training for a Marathon. This active mother of three with a successful career shocked her family, friends and all that knew her. You will often hear her say “cancer does not discriminate”. She was no stranger to cancer having lost her mother to gallbladder cancer in 2005. She was put on watch and wait and continued to train running her fifth marathon to keep her body strong and mind focused. In 2013, her watch and wait was over and she began two and a half years of chemotherapy.

Eager to learn and better understand the proverbial “why me?” she began meditating to help her answer this very question. With all the challenges that she has encountered during and after her treatment, she remains with a positive outlook and attitude. With various setbacks post treatment and with a Fibromyalgia diagnosis in 2017, she lives in what she calls the “grey zone”. Meditation helps her manage her daily pain and anxiety and allows her to listen to her body more intently.

She is a firm believer of “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. (Charles R. Swindoll)”. She has learned through her various setbacks that everything happens for a reason and every event whether positive or negative gives everyone a chance to grow as an individual. With the experience of a cancer caregiver and now a patient, she gives back to society by volunteering when she is physically able to do so. She is humbled by all those that fundraise and support the organization and those that have lifted her spirits along the way through their kindness. She hopes through joint efforts, a cure for Lymphoma will be just around the corner. “Namaste”

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