Nikki Balch

Nikki, who is part of the 'Vinny and Nikki' show on The Beat 92.5, is an East Coast girl who has lived in six provinces - but Montreal stole her heart when she moved here in 2011.

Her plan to become the lead singer of Destiny’s Child 2.0 fell through so she went for radio instead. Which is perfect because she loves to talk and there’s no way she’d rather spend every morning than waking up Montreal with Cousin Vinny.

When she’s not in the studio you can find her at any live show or concert, shopping along St Catherine with music in her headphones,  enjoying one of the many amazing restaurants this beautiful city has to offer or at the market stocking up on produce so she doesn’t feel so bad about all of those restaurants--it’s about balance right?


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Mayra Husic

Back in 2011, Mayra was diagnosed with Stage 4 Follicular Lymphoma while training for a Marathon. This active mother of three with a successful career shocked her family, friends and all that knew her. You will often hear her say “cancer does not discriminate”. She was no stranger to cancer having lost her mother to gallbladder cancer in 2005. She was put on watch and wait and continued to train running her fifth marathon to keep her body strong and mind focused. In 2013, her watch and wait was over and she began two and a half years of chemotherapy.

Eager to learn and better understand the proverbial “why me?” she began meditating to help her answer this very question. With all the challenges that she has encountered during and after her treatment, she remains with a positive outlook and attitude. With various setbacks post treatment and with a Fibromyalgia diagnosis in 2017, she lives in what she calls the “grey zone”. Meditation helps her manage her daily pain and anxiety and allows her to listen to her body more intently.

She is a firm believer of “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. (Charles R. Swindoll)”. She has learned through her various setbacks that everything happens for a reason and every event whether positive or negative gives everyone a chance to grow as an individual. With the experience of a cancer caregiver and now a patient, she gives back to society by volunteering when she is physically able to do so. She is humbled by all those that fundraise and support the organization and those that have lifted her spirits along the way through their kindness. She hopes through joint efforts, a cure for Lymphoma will be just around the corner. “Namaste”

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Adam Mahmoud

Adam is an international Yoga and Meditation teacher as well as a professional fire performance artist.

Over the past 13 years, he has travelled around the world and studied with some experienced masters, healers, and Yoga and meditation teachers in Ibiza, Bali, and India. His technique is based on traditional Balinese, Indian and Chinese wisdom traditions.

He has educated and taught thousands of people around the world to understand their body and mind and true divine nature.

Adam is driven by his life's mission to spread more love and kindness into the world.

In addition to teaching classes and workshops in Montreal and overseas, Adam has created a unique style of Holistic Yoga practice to restore body and mind to balance and lasting inner peace and joy.

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