Wellness Gurus


Nikole Goncalves

Nikole is the face behind one of the top leading healthy food and lifestyle YouTube channels in Canada called HealthNut Nutrition with a following of over 400K subscribers and over 26 million views. She's a passionate "health nut" who inspires her viewers to live an active, healthy and balanced lifestyle by showing how easy and delicious it can be. Her "healthified" versions of fresh and tasty dishes are guaranteed to make your taste buds dance and prove that healthy eating doesn’t have to be tasteless or boring!

Nikole’s philosophy is all about finding a balance that works for you. It’s about listening to your body, surrounding yourself with positive people, limiting stress, and enjoying the foods you love. She doesn’t believe in dieting, calorie counting, low fat, or sugar free labels. Instead Nikole promotes a holistic and intuitive approach to living a healthy lifestyle both inside and out.

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Aviva Rubin, Keynote Speaker

Aviva Rubin is a Toronto-based freelance writer, mom of two boys, patient advocate and health policy consultant as well as a member of Odette’s Patient and Family Advisory Council. Her writing on cancer has been published in The Globe and Mail, The New York Times and Chatelaine. She’s the author of the memoir Lost and Found in Lymphomaland, that documents her trip through cancer. One reviewer of the book says:

 I never thought anyone could make me laugh about cancer, but Aviva Rubin has managed to take a difficult topic, her own lymphoma diagnosis and subsequent treatment, and explore the ins and outs with compassion, insight and humor. Her story is one experienced of many, but her voice is singular. You will laugh, cry, share her fears, anxiety, hope and marvelous take on a frightening process. This is a book for everyone, not just those facing cancer, because at its core it illustrates the resilience of the human spirit.

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Lauren Craig, Honored Patient

In the fall of 2016, Lauren noticed a large bump on the left side of her neck and was quickly diagnosed with stage 2A Hodgkin’s lymphoma. On December 20, 2016, at the age of 22, she began chemotherapy with treatments  every other week for four months, followed by a month break and then one month of radiation every day. Lauren completed her final treatment on May 30, 2017 and is now focused on her recovery and getting back to the activities she loves, like traveling, cycling and skiing.

The Wellness Gurus

Ali Alexander

Ali has been teaching yoga since 2005 and is also a yoga therapist. She teaches publicly and privately in Toronto and offers a variety of approaches to the practice: group asana classes, one-on-one yoga therapy sessions, meditation, and philosophy.

In all aspects of her teaching there is emphasis on breathing and practicing awareness of the present experience. Whether moving in synch with it or using it as an indicator of our condition, the breath is the primary guide of the practice.

In Ali's teaching and exploration of common themes and the impacts they have on our daily lives is facilitated by the use of readings and commentary on texts such as Patanjali's Yoga Sutra, Bhagavad Gita, and Tao Te Ching of Lao Tsu.

The schedule of her public classes can be found at ali-alexander.com

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David Crimi

Toronto-native David Crimi began teaching yoga in 2007. Since then, he has completed additional trainings in Yin, Ashtanga, Power Vinyasa, and meditation techniques.

After teaching in Toronto for some time, David began his journey teaching across North America from New York to Los Angeles and Seattle to Florida. In each area, he received new insight on teaching methodologies and learned from students and teachers of all walks of life. He considers this to be one of his most profound learning experiences and is deeply grateful for his time abroad. David now calls Toronto 'home' once again and continues to teach yoga full-time within the Moksha community.

David’s style of teaching is lighthearted and fun but demanding at times. He’ll have you laughing while providing fresh tidbits about poses you know and love (and maybe love to hate). He’ll make sure you leave your mat feeling worked, energized, relaxed, and reconnected.

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Jelayna Da Silva

Jelayna is a well certified, passionate yoga teacher and forever student. Her love for yoga takes her across the GTA to teach at several studios and to multiple clients. Her background in Psychology and College Athletics infuses her classes with mindfulness and just the right amount of physical challenge. Her classes are created to flow seamlessly from pose to pose, allowing students to ease into the union of breath and body. Each practice is filled with thoughtful playlists of music and alignment cues to keep joints and muscles happy. Whether leading at large outdoor events, in a classroom, or in the home of a client her philosophy for teaching is simple - teach with love, empathy, patience and humility. Yoga is a journey, not a destination.

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Jess Lemon

Jess Lemon has been teaching for 14 years. Passionate about learning and committed to continued education, Jess has over 2,000 training hours in a variety of movement styles and methods, including Moksha, Vinyasa, Restorative, and Yin Yoga + Pilates and resistance training. She also teaches Mindfulness and Meditation which she has studied extensively over the years.

Jess believes that true learning happens when a person is seen and met where they are, then nurtured and encouraged on their own journey of self-discovery. She is a creative and intuitive teacher, believing that when we are truly open and attuned to each moment, life is always offering wisdom.

She currently lives in Toronto but travels frequently for adventure and teaching opportunities. She has an Honors Bachelor of Arts degree in French Language and Literature from the University of Toronto and though her last name is Lemon, she is actually pretty sweet. 

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Normando Jones

Normando transforms the world of yoga into an enticing experience using hand drums, didgeridoo, synthesizers, and exotic instruments. Normando 'the musical magician' brings magic into any space not only by his drumming but also by his nature. Hypnotic rhythms and ethereal melodies allow yogis to move deeper into their awareness. The wonderful healing benefits of Normando’s music creates a transcendance, seducing the heart, awakening the soul to the preciousness of being human. Rhythm is the foundation of life, melody is the song of the spirit, and movement binds them together. Normando has provided music for Lululemon, Lolë, Moksha, Yoga Vision, Power Yoga Canada, Yoga-Thon Dundas Square, Take it to the mat/Lymphoma Canada, and The Power of movement/Arthritis Canada.

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Yara Elarabi

Yara Elarabi is a full-time yoga teacher in Toronto. Her yoga journey began seven years ago while living in Taipei, Taiwan. Once she moved back to Toronto, she completed her first 500-hour yoga teacher training through Moksha in Montreal in 2014. She also completed 20 hours of yin training in 2015, and 100 hours of Moksha Flow training in 2016. Yara’s passion and love for the practice shines through in her teaching. She is a firm believer that yoga has the power to heal people and create world peace. She hopes to change the world one yoga class at a time. Currently, Yara teaches full time at Moksha Yoga North York and Moksha Yoga Thornhill.  

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