Normando Jones

Normando Jones has been playing percussion and drum set in many bands over the past 40 yearsf and has recently become a Kundalini instructor. The movement of yoga gives him the fuel he needs to express himself and contribute to the energy and flow of a yoga class/routine. Through the use of hand drums, didgeridoo, computer tracks, and synthesizers the world of yoga becomes not only a form of exercise but an experience that allows yogis to move deeper into their own awareness. The music of Normando Jones an incredibly unique, delightful, and unrivaled complement to the practice of yoga. It has been said that the musical accompaniment helps clear the mind of the day to day thoughts and bring about clarity and oneness. Normando will share the rhythm and melody of his music during 108 minutes of yoga.

I have the pleasure of providing live music for the third annual take it to the mat experience. You are in for a truly heart-warming and uplifting journey. Great food, intriguing speakers, and an enriching practice, the likes of which you have not encountered. I have witnessed first-hand the effects of lymphoma on the body, and its impact on family and friends. Providing live music for you who support this cause is an honour. Namaste!

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Robert Hawke

Robert Hawke is a speaker, cancer survivor and comedian. He has created wellness content for The Ontario Hospital Association, The University of Toronto Medical School and The Canadian Mental Health Association. He wrote Kicking Cancer’s Ass: A Lighthearted Guide to the Fight of Your Life and is very excited about his new book, Doing Happiness: Uncovering the Hidden Benefits of Feeling Good. He lives in Toronto with his terrific wife and ridiculously small dog.

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Susan Stewart

Susan Stewart is a comedian, author, and speaker who delivers a unique blend of humour and inspiration aimed at helping people reclaim their joyful nature by seeing the lighter side of life. Susan is the author of “Reaching The Laugh Resort” and “Your New Lenses Are Ready For Pick Up: A Guide To Seeing The Lighter Side Of Life”. Susan is also the co-author of “From the Stage to the Page: Life Lessons From Four Funny Ladies.” You can learn more about Susan at

Susan is delighted to be involved in take it to the mat and support the efforts of Lymphoma Canada. A dedicated yogi for the past six years, she is excited to share how we can practice yoga wherever we are by meeting life’s challenges with a sense of ease and of course, a sense of humour. 

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