Leaving a Legacy, with Guaranteed Income for Life

A charitable remainder trust can be a very effective estate planning tool if you have assets, such as stock or real estate, that have increased in value significantly.  The trust provides you with income for life and immediate tax benefits. At the same time, it assures you that your assets will be used in support of the Lymphoma Canada mission in the future so that you know you can leave a legacy.

Here’s how it works.

You establish a trust and permanently donate money or assets to that trust.

You name an income beneficiary and that person receives income generated by the trust. This continues for the person’s life or for the number of years you set in the agreement. If you like, you can be your own income beneficiary.

The assets you donated to the trust remain in the trust. They can’t be touched by anyone.

You receive a tax receipt for the value of the assets that you donated to the trust.

Lymphoma Canada receives the assets when the income beneficiary dies or after the set number of years.