After treatment for lymphoma is over, it is not uncommon to experience fear, anxiety, or other emotional challenges. When you were first diagnosed, during treatment, and throughout your experience, you have probably experienced a wide range of emotions and perhaps even some psychological challenges. Some of these emotions or experiences may have been familiar to you, some may have been new, some expected, and others may have taken you completely by surprise. New issues may also arise. Some people report that they feel treatment has given them another chance at life while some feel that they have been traumatized by the entire experience. Other people fall somewhere in between. Many people find that they need to re-evaluate their attitudes to their life, their relationships, and themselves.

Remember that you are an individual and your situation is unique to you. There may be days where you fluctuate between feeling positive and negative, and there will be other days where you may not know what you feel. There is no right way to feel when going through this process. Remember to take one day at a time and that you are not alone. There are people who can help.