Monthly giving adds up to make a big difference.

Through Lymphoma Canada’s easy monthly giving program you can:

  • Provide information, help and hope for lymphoma patients and their family.
  • Help researchers find new and better treatments, learn lymphoma’s causes and find a cure.
  • Be part of a growing community that provides consistent funding for on-going programs.
  • Give the most support you can, through easy automated payments.

You can do more than you realize! The chart below shows just how much of a difference your monthly donation makes.

Monthly donationAnnual total 

What Your Gift Can Do

$25$300Telephone support to 24 newly diagnosed people, to listen, answer questions, and share resources.


$50$600Three evening education sessions, for patients and families, with expert speakers and information.


$100$1,200One year of operating a connection site to support patients in one region.


$200$2,400Regular educational webinars and recordings to patients and caregivers on our website.

Every donation helps. Please give what you can.

Please call us at 1-866-659-5556 now to set up your monthly donation.

Download monthly donation form.