Part of eating well not only has to do with what you are eating but also how much you are eating. Here are some tips to help with controlling your portions:

  • Rearrange your plate ratio: It is easier to eat more fruits and vegetables and whole grains by increasing them on your plate at every meal while reducing other items such as red meats. For example, try to have half of your plate made up of fruits or vegetables, a quarter whole grains, and the last quarter meat or other protein alternatives.
  • Serve everything in smaller plates and bowls: You can easily cut your portion size by using smaller plates and bowls. You can also reduce your snacking portions by using a small plate or bowl instead of eating straight out of a bag or box.
  • Do not skip meals: If you miss a meal like breakfast, it is easier to overeat at the next meal.
  • Eat out in moderation: Most restaurants or fast food places tend to have large serving sizes with foods that are high in fats and sugars. When you do eat out, consider sharing your meals or plan to bring a part of your meal home for your next meal. You may also find it helpful and healthful to choose options with more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Click below to download the “Control your Food Portions” Tip Sheet.


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