Some patients have said that putting their life in order and doing things that are under their control have given them a sense of empowerment and have helped them turn their negative emotions into positive emotions.

Having lymphoma and undergoing lymphoma treatment can cause many physical changes to your body. Even though these changes were not chosen by you, there are things that you can do to help you deal more positively with them, feel more empowered, and move forward with confidence.

The negative emotions that accompany a lymphoma diagnosis and its treatments can often make it difficult to stay positive. Part of dealing with these emotions is to acknowledge them and to deal with them in proactive ways. Find out more about techniques such as meditation, mindfulness, biofeedback, and imagery.

One way to stay positive is to recognize your milestones. It can help you put your lymphoma experience into perspective and acknowledge the good changes in your life. It is an opportunity to celebrate your hard work and your life beyond lymphoma.

Another way to stay positive is to share your story. Some people find that by talking to others, they begin to solve problems as their family, friends, and acquaintances ask questions.

As someone who has been through the lymphoma experience, you may find that helping others gives positive meaning to what you have been through. You have valuable first-hand information and tips on coping that can help others.

You can further take action by getting involved in volunteering, fundraising or public advocacy.