Lymphoma treatment or surgery may temporarily or permanently alter your body leading to decreased libido or physical ability to participate in sexual intimacy.

You may feel tired or be afraid of potential pain. However, intimacy includes both physical and emotional connections. Here are some ways to improve or maintain a healthy intimate relationship:

  • Make time to spend with one another. Find someone to take care of the kids and try to turn off the television and phone so that you can really connect.
  • Discuss your feelings. Concentrate on how you can both renew your connection without necessarily being physical.
  • Experiment. Try to figure out what kind of touch feels good. Guide your partner to the positions and activities that provide pleasure and identify those that cause pain or discomfort so he or she can avoid hurting you.

If you continue to experience difficulty with sexual intimacy, there are specialists who can help. Your doctor can refer you to someone who can help you address these difficulties.


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