Honour the memory of a loved one with a meaningful gift to Lymphoma Canada.

Donate in Memory

Giving in memoriam allows you to pay tribute to a loved one who passed away while supporting the lymphoma community. To send a memorial card, please visit our secure online donation form and select the ‘Make this donation in honour of an individual’ option and fill out the necessary information.

After completing your honouree’s information, select ‘I would like to send a card’ and choose from the various print and E-cards available.

If you would prefer to send your donation by mail, please click here.

Donate in Memory

Donate in lieu of flowers
Consider commemorating your loved one by asking family and friends to donate to Lymphoma Canada in lieu of flowers. We can provide donation envelopes and brochures for your service. To order donation envelopes for a funeral service, click here.

To have a dedicated webpage set up to commemorate your loved one, please contact our office at 1-866-659-5556 or via email at info@lymphoma.ca.

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