Treatment guidelines provide valuable information for both healthcare professionals (HCPs), allied HCPs, and patients and care partners/caregivers. With the structure of the Canadian healthcare system, there may be different treatment approaches based on institutional requirements, funding of drugs within the province, and patient/healthcare preferences. Based on available evidence and existing provincial guidelines, national Canadian guidelines will summarize published research and literature, while further analyzing the approaches of the different provincial guidelines. Based on this information and the clinical expertise of lymphoma specialists from across the country, a set of recommendations are developed for treatment approaches in firstline and relapsed/refractory settings for specific lymphoma subtypes. These guidelines provide valuable guidance for clinicians, researchers, patients and care partners across the country to better understand treatment options and recommended approaches.

Lymphoma Canada works with members of our Scientific Advisory Board as well as specialists (hematologists, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists) across the country who are knowledgeable and well-published on lymphoma subtypes to develop these guidelines. To date, Lymphoma Canada has developed the following evidence-based treatment guidelines click to view their pages and learn more:

Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma Treatment Guideline (Frontline & Relapsed/Refractory Settings)

Follicular Lymphoma Treatment Guideline (Frontline Setting)

Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Treatment Guideline (Frontline Setting)

We thank our many lymphoma specialists that were involved in the development of these guidelines.

Lymphoma Canada is planning to continue the development of these national treatment guidelines. Please see the upcoming treatment guidelines that will be developed:

  • CLL Treatment Guideline (update to the Frontline guideline and development of a Relapsed/Refractory guideline)
  • Hodgkin Lymphoma Treatment Guideline (Frontline & Relapsed/Refractory)
  • FL Treatment Guideline (update to the Frontline guideline and development of a Relapsed/Refractory guideline)


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