If you have a child or adolescent who is ready to return to school after an extended illness such as lymphoma, it is a good idea to discuss any physical, emotional, or mental concerns you may have with his or her healthcare team. Also contact the principal, school nurse, guidance counselor, or teacher(s) to strategize on ways to help your child with the transition.

Here are some topics to cover in your conversation with the teachers and administration team at your child’s school:

  • Ongoing doctors’ appointments that may impact attendance.
  • Potential health signs or symptoms that should be monitored.
  • Potential effects of treatment on learning or behaviour.
  • Dress code modifications such as wearing a hat or scarf if your child’s hair has not yet grown back.
  • Diminished ability to participate in physical activities such as gym class.
  • Flexible or lighter class schedule and workload.
  • Special dietary restrictions.


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