If you are physically and emotionally able to start working but wish to change jobs after your treatment ends, there are a few topics you may wish to learn about.

  • Interview Concerns
  • Requesting Accommodations
  • Workplace Insurance Concerns

If you are qualified for a job and do not have a physical or mental disability that limits you from working, your medical history, which includes lymphoma, should not prevent you from getting a new job. However, some people have experienced cancer-related discrimination that usually stems from inaccurate stereotypes, misunderstandings, and false assumptions about a person’s ability or capability to work following a cancer experience.

In and of itself, searching for a job can be a very stressful and intimidating process. When you combine this with the emotions that accompany living with, and beyond, lymphoma, it is important to be aware of your emotional well-being. You may find it helpful at this time to look for support and encouragement from other survivors that have been successful in looking for a job. They may be able to provide tips on networking with potential employers and how to learn about potential job openings. They can also help you to stay positive.


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