If your lymphoma or lymphoma treatment has left long-lasting side effects such as fatigue, chronic pain, or cognitive concerns, you can make a request to your employer to grant reasonable accommodations to help you to perform your job well. For example, you may request permission to work from home or to work adjusted hours so that you can attend medical appointments. These accommodations will vary from person to person.

You are entitled to request accommodations at any time during your employment and not necessarily during the interview process. However, before your employer grants you these reasonable accommodations, they may request documentation, such as a doctor’s note, to verify your disabilities, but they cannot ask for your medical records.

It is possible that your employer will deny your accommodation requests if they are too expensive or difficult to implement, but they must first evaluate and offer you an easier or less costly accommodation that may meet your needs.

It is likely that requesting job accommodations will involve some negotiation. It is important for both you and your employer to find the right balance that works for all parties.


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