You can give back to your lymphoma community by volunteering at a lymphoma organization such as Lymphoma Canada or your local cancer treatment centre. Follow this link to learn more about what is involved in volunteering with Lymphoma Canada.


You can plan or participate in local and national fundraising activities that support cancer research or patient awareness and support groups like Lymphoma Canada. Follow this link to learn more about these opportunities and for more information.

Public Advocacy

Advocacy is the act of supporting and or arguing on behalf of a particular issue, idea, or person. Individuals, organizations, businesses, and governments can all engage in advocacy. For those who have been through cancer, being a public advocate can be a positive and empowering experience. Be sure to research different advocacy opportunities to determine how your interests, skills, and abilities may be best put to use. For example you may be interested in:

  • Raising awareness: You can participate at a local or national level to increase awareness and educate the public about cancer-related issues (eg, screening and early detection). Some issues may require local and national media involvement or speaking with religious and civic groups. Other topics may include insurance access, job discrimination, and disparities in care.
  • Changing public policy: The best way to change public policy is for the public to speak up and have collective voices heard. Getting involved can be something as simple as signing a petition, sending a tweet, or posting on Facebook. You can also send a letter or make a phone call to your federal, provincial, or municipal elected official. You can also consider working with various advocacy teams on a local, provincial, or national level. To learn more, follow this link to the Public Advocacy page on the Lymphoma Canada website.


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