Frequently we hear patients and caregivers say that they would benefit from speaking with someone who has been through a similar experience; someone who knows what it’s like and truly understands. Connecting with others through this volunteer experience helps to reduce feelings of isolation and meet the need for support.

The Peer Mentoring Program is a service provided to Canadian patients and caregivers age 18 and over. The program matches screened and trained patient or caregiver volunteers who have experience with lymphoma (mentors) with patients and caregivers who are seeking support (mentees).

Mentees provide information about their lymphoma experience, allowing Lymphoma Canada to make the best possible matches. Matches are based on mentee requests and the availability of volunteer mentors. The basis for the match can be lymphoma sub-type, treatment type, side effects and/or individual circumstances such as age and family situation.

Mentors contact their mentee matches by telephone or email or online video conferencing to listen, share experiences, and bring comfort related to the challenges associated with lymphoma. In-person meetings are discouraged and not within the scope of this program. Mentors do not provide medical advice.

The match relationship may be one-time, or it may continue longer term, through treatment and recovery.

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