The Life Beyond Lymphoma (LBL) Guide is a companion to this portal. You can record your medical history with lymphoma as well as your follow-up care plan. In addition, many lymphoma survivors find that they have feelings of uncertainty and don’t always know where or how to move forward. For this reason, we have included some questions in the LBL Guide that others have thought about as they began to move beyond their lymphoma and integrate their experiences into their “new normal”.

These questions are meant to serve as a starting point for your consideration and reflection. You may find that some of the questions may not resonate with you while others may strike a chord. Either way, taking a closer look at them may help you to determine areas that require further thought, exploration, or action in order to help you plan for your future.

If you are a Healthcare Professional and would like to order copies of the LBL Guide to give to your patients, please click here.

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