By law, a potential employer cannot ask you questions about your health or medical condition(s). An employer is not allowed to ask about your lymphoma, the treatment you received, or your chances of full recovery. They can, however, ask you about your ability to carry out job-related commitments, tasks, and responsibilities. For example, they can ask you about your ability to travel or lift heavy loads, etc. Whether or not you wish to share your lymphoma history is up to you but understand that you are not required to disclose this information.

Keep in mind that should you choose to share your medical history with your employer, he or she cannot share this or any other medical information with anyone else. Everything that you tell them should be treated confidentially.

However, be aware that an employer can ask you to take a medical exam if securing the potential job position is based on passing such an exam and is required for ALL applicants. Your job offer cannot be retracted if your medical exam is passed.

If you are concerned about explaining breaks in your employment history as a result of your lymphoma diagnosis or treatment, consider speaking to a career counselor or a social worker who specializes in oncology.


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