Your child’s transition to his or her new normal can be both physically and emotionally tiring – for them and for you. Combining these challenges with a school schedule can add more stress to this stage of their lymphoma experience.

Here are some tips for helping them transition back to school:

  • Listen to your child’s worries, fears, and concerns and acknowledge them. By talking to them, you can reassure them that you will be there to support them every step of the way.
  • Help your child decide how he or she wishes to tell their classmates about his or her experience and prepare them to answer questions his or her friends and classmates may have.
  • Prepare your child for insensitive comments or questions and, while difficult, speak with your child about not to allowing these comments to upset them.
  • Ask your child’s teacher to prepare other children in the class for your child’s return.
  • Consider having your child visit the school for a couple of half-days or for a few hours before going back full-time.
  • Arrange for your child’s close friends to meet outside of the school so he or she doesn’t have to enter into the school or classroom alone.
  • Once your child has returned to school, check in with his or her teacher to monitor the adjustment process.

You may find it helpful at this time to find support and encouragement from other parents with young survivors that have already transitioned back to school.


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