Only you will know best about when to share some, or all, of the details of your lymphoma experience with someone you are dating. Some people choose to be upfront and share the information right away. Others decide to wait until they get to know the person a bit better and feel that the relationship is worth pursuing. Occasionally, people may decide not to talk about it at all. At the end of the day, you must do what feels right for you. However, when making this decision, you might consider that many people find honesty to be a very important part of a potential long-term relationship.

If you decide to share your experience, select a time when you can both focus on each other without being interrupted. Practice what you will say and consider the different ways your potential partner may respond and how you will respond in return to his or her reaction. It’s important that you are prepared for different reactions to your lymphoma experience. Some people will be understanding and supportive right away, while others may be shocked and need some time to adjust to the information. It is reasonable for them to consider the implications it may have on your relationship and ask you more questions. Still others may be so uncomfortable with your news that they end your relationship because of it. Do not take this personally or let these experiences stop you from continuing to date.


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