Lymphoma Canada has its roots in two distinct, regional organizations, which were both founded in 1998. The Lymphoma Research Foundation of Canada (LRFC) was founded in Vancouver in early 1998 by Patricia Manson after she was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Manson, who became the first President of the LRFC, was diagnosed in 1997 with an aggressive form of lymphoma. After her diagnosis, she searched in vain for a Canadian organization which focused on lymphoma research and came to realize that no Canadian lymphoma support group existed to facilitate the distribution of pertinent information to patients. Manson established the LRFC with the help of Drs. Connors and Hegele, and the legal assistance from the firm of Russell & DuMoulin.

In creating the LRFC, Manson gave her husband and five children, family and many friends a larger-than-life figure to look up to. She was a person who rose up to help others in her time of great personal struggle against the cancer. Manson passed away a short time later on May 29, 1998. Her vision of creating the LRFC as an organization that might help others living with lymphoma has continued through Lymphoma Canada.

The Canadian Lymphoma Foundation was founded in 1998 by Deborah Sterritt in Toronto. Sterritt was diagnosed with an indolent form of non-Hodgkin lymphoma in 1995. In early 1998, she discovered that no group existed in Canada which could provide patients with the information they needed. With the help of Dr. Zanke, Terry Creighton and Jane Mingay, she founded the Canadian Lymphoma Foundation (CLF).

The two organizations merged in 2000 as Lymphoma Foundation Canada. Both LRFC and CLF recognized the need for a strong, national organization in order to benefit lymphoma patients throughout Canada. Terry Creighton sat as Vice Chair, Board of Directors and Chair of the Fundraising Committee. Dr. Joseph Connors became Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board.Dr. Brent Zanke held a seat on the Scientific Advisory Board.

Now, over twenty years later, LC continues to focus on lymphoma research, education and awareness in Canada. We also provide support for patients and their families as well as advocate for equal access to treatment across Canada.