Wellness Gurus

The Wellness Gurus

Bhaskar Goswami

Having taught yoga and meditation since 2001, there is one thing that I am confident about: yoga practice is for every body. I have taught yoga in virtually every conceivable environment, to people from the entire spectrum of age, culture and physical condition. As my teacher used to say, "It is the one good, for all good".   I have been extremely fortunate to have been guided by two master teachers, Yogacharaya Nandakumar and Siromani Sriram. Beyond being in awe of their mastery of the practice, what was more inspiring was how remarkable they were as human beings. I remember my then young mind wondering, "If I could be just a little bit like them, then this is definitely worth practicing".   It is an honor and privilege to pass on what I continue to learn, with enthusiasm and due justice to the practice. So, it is very important to me that yoga is taught properly, to the best on my understanding. It is my hope and trust that this sincerity comes through in my guidance, so that this practice can be as beneficial for you as it has been for me.

“The real teacher is right under your nose. It is the breath.”

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Marie-Josée Lareau

MJ Lareau has earned a masters degree in the Executive MBA program at McGill University and HEC Montreal. Finding many similarities between the world of arts and the world of business, she also identified opportunities where they complement each other, harmonizing her experience in art and her solid management background to devise an innovative program tailored to the profile of business people.

Over 20 years of experience in animation of events, consultation and directing artists, Marie-Josée Lareau offer courses tailored for professionals and companies from very different industries. Her workshops have already contributed to the metamorphose of several employees, managers and executives at Cirque du Soleil, Bombardier Innovation Centre, Disney, the medical division of Abbott Laboratories and management teachers at HEC Montreal.

Marie-Josée Lareau has worked for 10 years as an artistic coach for new generations of artists at Cirque du Soleil, where she articulated the programs for artistic development. During her career in the company, she was also assistant choreographer, as well as responsible for the design of special events at the Center of Performance Research and Innovation. She has particularly distinguished herself with the innovative stage setting prepared for the C2-MTL 2012 conference of the PDG of Cirque du Soleil, bringing together video image and live acrobatic performances. Also, the implementation of her Green Carpet Creative lab, has known a sound success, triggering several other initiatives in the organization.

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