25 Years of Supporting Patients Dealing with the Psychosocial Effects of Lymphoma

For the past 25 years, Lymphoma Canada has raised awareness about lymphoma, its symptoms, diagnostics, and treatments. However, lymphoma also impacts patients in ways beyond the physical, namely psychologically and socially. It is important for Canadians to recognize these effects of lymphoma and to understand how to receive support.

Lymphoma Canada provides free resources and access to support groups to help the over 100,000 Canadians who are currently living with these impacts.

Did You Know?

  • Did you know that fear and anxiety about the impact of lymphoma, the effects of treatment, and what life will be like after diagnosis are common worries noted by patients throughout every phase of their journey from diagnosis to treatment to monitoring and even to remission?
  • Did you know that fear of recurrence was the top psychosocial impact felt by lymphoma patients over the course of their journey?
  • Did you know that fatigue is a common side effect of lymphoma treatments?
  • Did you know that the symptoms felt by lymphoma patients (like fatigue) impact their abilities to perform everyday activities and to have regular social lives?
  • Did you know that caregivers of lymphoma patients worry (in silence) about the financial impacts resulting from time off work to care for their loved ones?
  • Did you know that adolescent and young adult (AYA) lymphoma patients have unique medical and psychosocial needs such as fertility preservation, minimizing the long-term effects of treatments and reducing the impact of dealing with a diagnosis as a student or early in their careers?

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