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The sharing of experiences can be cathartic, educational, and inspiring for lymphoma patients. At Lymphoma Canada, we hear often from patients that being able to talk to and hear from other patients, as well as having an opportunity to share their own stories, is an important part of going through the lymphoma experience. While no patient’s situation is the same, there is always something to be gleaned from hearing someone’s thoughts and reflections on how they experienced the challenges of lymphoma, whether it be during diagnosis, treatment, relapse, or any other aspect of survivorship.

By sharing your story in the form below, you are helping others. Your stories of pain, fear, strength, and triumph are all opportunities for someone else to learn, find inspiration, or reflect. We are humbled and honoured to be able to read these stories and host them here for others. Thank you for sharing. Once reviewed by our staff, your story will be posted on our Shared Stories page.

In addition to the Shared Stories page on our website, Lymphoma Canada also showcases the diverse members of the lymphoma community in all its materials.  This includes our brochures, newsletter, videos, and events.  If you would like to be interviewed on camera, share your story for an article, or tell your story at one of our patient education event, please also indicate this interest in the form below.

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