While we do not recommend take it to the mat for your first yoga class, you do have several months to train and get ready for this wellness challenge. Our instructors will ensure that they include posture modifications to accommodate all experience levels.

Come dressed in yoga wear. You will need to keep your possessions with you throughout the day. Breakfast is included. Water will also be provided. A brand new mat will be ready and waiting for you – no need to bring your own!
Wear the clothing you usually do to practice yoga or meditation – something comfortable and stretchy.

Lymphoma Canada is the only charitable organization in Canada solely focused on lymphoma. Lymphoma Canada supports patients and their families as they navigate through their cancer journey. Resources are offered at no charge and are available in both official languages. Patients and their caregivers find support through:

  • Educational Forums presented by leading experts
  • Printed education materials, including a comprehensive Patient Resource Manual
  • Peer Support Groups
  • Peer-to-Peer Mentoring
  • Development of national treatment guidelines for patients and doctors
  • Advocating for equitable access to drug therapies
  • Funding Canadian research

For more details visit – www.lymphoma.ca

Yes, however, you will not be permitted to enter the yoga or meditation class while they are in session. We will ask all participants not to leave the yoga practice during the class unless absolutely necessary.

The number 108, in several Eastern traditions, is described as sacred and “signifies” the interconnection between body, mind and spirit. The number 1 = unity, 0 = stillness, and 8 = infinite possibility. take it to the mat, The Great Yoga & Wellness Revolution promotes these concepts:

  • 1: together we will move with our yoga practice, calm our minds and learn about mindful living, we will move together with our la yoga practice.
  • 0: in stillness, we will absorb the teaching and meaning of our day, so that we can carry it forward as we strive for wellness in our lives.
  • 8: we will walk away from this informative and connecting day with limitless possibilities of how to live a healthier lifestyle.
We encourage all participants to enjoy the 108 minute practice; you have fundraised for this challenge. As in all yoga and meditation practices, you may choose to take a break and rest quietly on your mat as needed.
ESPACE ORANGE – EDIFICE WILDER, 1435 Rue de Bleury, Montréal, QC H3A 2H7
Absolutely, they will also need to register and fundraise for the event. Space is limited and only those who have registered may participate.
The basic event registration fee is $50 and the VIP registration is $75. It is non-refundable and covers your participation in take it to the mat event day activities.
The basic event registration fee will entitle you to a full, healthy breakfast to start your morning off, an inspiring day of engaging speakers and teachers, and a 108 minute yoga & mediation session to enhance your well-being.

VIP registration includes all of the above perks, plus a complimentary yoga mat and an amazing gift bag – all thanks to our wonderful sponsors.

Yes, those who donate $10 or more will receive a tax receipt.
Charitable tax receipts will not be issued because the value of the day exceeds the registration fee. Any personal donation made above this fee however, can be receipted.
Yes. Please ask donors who choose to donate to you directly (not online) to give you a cheque made out to Lymphoma Canada. Should they give you cash instead, please deposit it and write a cheque to Lymphoma Canada. In both cases, please attach a document that includes the donor’s full name, full address including postal code, phone number and the amount they donated. We will use this information to issue and mail charitable tax receipts.
Yes, all participants must sign a waiver when they register for the event online.
No, only those registered in advance may attend.
Yes, one may participate individually or join a team.
Creating or joining a team may add to your enjoyment of the event. Teams may practice and/or fundraise together. Team members motivate one another. Teams may select a team name and then choose to wear identifying apparel on the day of the event. Statistically, team members raise 20% more funds than individuals.
Each team member will fundraise for him/herself. The total amount that the team raises will be split among all team members.
To donate to a team or individual, please visit the take it to the mat donation page and type in the name of the team or individual into the “Choose your recipient” search bar. If you leave this field blank, a general donation will be made to Lymphoma Canada. 
Please see our fundraising tab for tips to success, ideas to help you build your donor network, and sample letters.
There is no maximum, although we recommend 5 team members.


If you have other questions please email us at info@takeittothematmontreal.ca