For 15 years, my friend has lived with non-Hodgkin follicular lymphoma. When she was diagnosed she was 31 years old, and certainly a cancer diagnosis was the farthest thing from her mind. And yet, from that moment until now, she has embodied grace and purpose beyond what I could imagine would be possible when faced with this. She has moved beyond her diagnosis into acceptance and determination. Given no choice with regard to cancer, she purposed to live her life with intention and to move forward with gratitude for the choices that she does have… as a wife and mother, family member, friend, volunteer, and career woman. For World Lymphoma Awareness Day this year, I would like to celebrate Alyssa, her strength, her passions, her love, the countless ways that she makes a difference in the lives of others. Whether it is because of lymphoma, in spite of lymphoma, or irrespective of lymphoma, she inspires me, encourages me, and gives me hope. Please share your story and remember to share your lymphoma sub-type.

Tanja, Caregiver, Ontario, Canada


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