Call For New Board Members

Lymphoma Canada is seeking new members to sit on our Board of Directors.  

The Board of Directors provides strategic leadership to the organization by committing to excellence in governance and supporting organizational health for optimum achievement of its goals and mandate. The 12 member volunteer board is comprised of a team of leaders with combined experiences in governance, accounting, HR, legal, business management, marketing, fundraising, and medical. 

We currently have a priority for individuals with strategic insight and/or fundraising expertise. 

All members have a personal passion for volunteering and for making a difference in the lives of those touched by lymphoma.


Directors meet five times a year; three times a year, meetings are conducted by teleconference and twice a year, a 1 – 1.5 day in-person meeting takes place in the Toronto area. Board Members are also required to participate on one or more of the following standing committees: Finance & Audit, Governance, HR, and Patient Support & Research. Committee meetings are typically held five times a year. 

Please browse our website to learn more about Lymphoma Canada, the important work that we do, and how you can make a difference!

How to Apply

Interested candidates from across Canada are invited to submit a cover letter and recent resume, including applicable experience, to the attention of the Board Selection Committee, care of


About Volunteering With Lymphoma Canada

Why Volunteer with Lymphoma Canada?

As an organization, Lymphoma Canada strives to ensure that each volunteer feels a sense of satisfaction through the giving of their time and energy; that they have a sense of ownership for their contributions, are provided with opportunities to achieve results and feel a sense of accomplishment in return.

We recognize the wealth of knowledge, expertise and skills that volunteers bring to the organization.  Volunteers provide practical support through the day to day operations of the organization, they find creative methods for building community awareness and raising funds to sustain the goals of Lymphoma Canada, they offer peer to peer support and education to individuals with lymphoma and their supporters, they act as advisors and offer governance for the operations and mission.  We are grateful for the contributions that volunteers provide to the organization and they strive to ensure that each volunteer is recognized as valuable and necessary in aiding to achieve our mission.

We believe that the collective use of volunteers together with essential staff enables them to use their donors’ resources responsibly allocating funds to haematology/oncology fellowships, medical research, education and support for individuals with lymphoma and their supporters, advocacy for the best treatment and care for lymphoma patients and equal access to the best treatments for lymphoma.

Volunteer Philosophy

Lymphoma Canada believes that their volunteers:

G         are gifts to the organization, giving their time and energy with the intent of improving
            the lives of those with lymphoma and ultimately eradicating the illness;

I           provide valuable input in all aspects of the organization;

F          share a fundamental belief in the LC mission;

T          provide the necessary tools (skills and expertise) required by LC to achieve their goals;

S         are valued and significant contributors to the organization.


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