Webinar Date and Time: Wednesday, June 14, 2023, at 4:00 PM

Stem cell transplants are a type of treatment option for lymphoma patients. A stem cell transplant involves treatment with an aggressive therapy first to destroy cancer, followed by an infusion of your own stem cells (autologous) or a donor’s stem cells (allogeneic) to replace the cells destroyed by the cancer treatment. The stem-cell transplant process is complex and may be used as a treatment option for you depending on your lymphoma subtype, whether you are receiving treatment in the frontline or relapsed/refractory setting, and if you meet the appropriate eligibility criteria for a transplant. This presentation will provide information about the stem-cell transplant process for lymphoma patients and when this therapy may be available to you throughout your treatment course.

Speakers: Dr. Robert Puckrin

Speaker Biography:

Dr. Robert Puckrin

Robert Puckrin is an academic hematologist at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre and University of Calgary with interests in the treatment of lymphoma, stem cell transplantation, CAR-T cell therapy and clinical research.

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