Webinar Date and Time: Tuesday, June 06, 2023, at 4:00 PM

Clinical trials help answer specific questions about new therapeutics or new ways to use known therapies. For lymphoma & CLL patients, clinical trials can provide access to new treatments not otherwise available in Canada, through rigorous and extensive designs to ensure safety and effectiveness. In this presentation, a representative from Clinical Trials Ontario will highlight what clinical trials are, important considerations when enrolling in a new study, and how to access trials in Canada. Please note that this webinar will focus on providing a general overview of clinical trials, with a few examples of how lymphoma & CLL patients can access novel treatments.

Speakers: Dawn Richards

Speaker Biography:

Dawn Richards

Dawn Richards is the Director of Patient and Public Engagement, Clinical Trials Ontario, a non-profit organization. She is responsible for engaging patients and the public about clinical trials, including providing credible information to help patients make informed decisions about participation in novel studies.

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