Webinar Date and Time: Thursday, May 11, 2023, at 4:00 PM

As the only non-profit in Canada dedicated to lymphoma, we strive to empower the lymphoma community through education, research, advocacy, and support. Advocacy is interwoven through all the educational resources we provide and events we host throughout the year. At Lymphoma Canada, we believe self-advocacy and self-education can help lymphoma patients and their caregivers feel more in control of their health and make choices best suitable for them at any stage of diagnosis or treatment. Join us on Thursday, May 11th at 4 PM ET for a virtual webinar to walk through Lymphoma Canada’s website and to find out where you can access patient resources based on your lymphoma subtype. This interactive session will include a review of patient resource manuals, subtype fact sheets, our peer mentorship program, upcoming events, and so much more.

Speakers: Sarah Eisinga

Speaker Biography:

Sarah Eisinga

Sarah Eisinga is the Manager of Patient Programs, Research, and Advocacy at Lymphoma Canada, the sole non-profit that provides support and Canadian-specific information to lymphoma patients and their caregivers. As the scientific manager, Sarah oversees all educational, support, advocacy, and research projects to serve the lymphoma community.

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