Webinar Date and Time: Wednesday, May 10, 2023, at 4:00 PM

Many lymphoma & CLL patients experience apprehension and discomfort before completing a scan or waiting to receive test results from their doctor. This is commonly referred to as “Scan Anxiety”. In this webinar, Lymphoma Canada will provide a brief overview of the diagnostic tests patients can receive to confirm a diagnosis or to determine a patient’s response to treatment. The second part of this webinar will include strategies to cope with the overwhelming feelings that can arise for lymphoma & CLL patients.

Speakers: Ilene Shiller

Speaker Biography:

Ilene Shiller

Ilene Shiller is a Program Manager at Wellspring Cancer Support Foundation. In that capacity, she meets one-on-one with cancer patients through the Money Matters Program and leads the Returning to Work, Wellness at Work, and Brain Fog support and education programs. Ilene is also involved in other patient and caregiver peer and group support programs at Wellspring.

Ilene holds a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Toronto.

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