Here are what participants had to say about their experience:

take it to the mat was a perfect fit for our company – it brought our employees together to work towards a greater good in the community. Cancer has touched us all and the chance to really feel that we were making a difference gave us such a great sense of accomplishment.  The definition of comradeship is:  the company and friendship of others with common aims.  As captain of the DPM Crusaders I can proclaim that our experiences, from the fundraising through to the personal connections we made on the day of the yoga event, will always be recalled by our participants as the true definition of TEAM!

Allison R.
Team Captain, DPM Crusaders
Top Corporate Team
13 Year Cancer Survivor

The word lymphoma evokes an incredible array of emotions within me: the paralyzing fear of diagnosis, the strong will to fight whatever overtook my body, and the gratitude that I am here 12.5 years later to be able to talk about it. Wanting to give back to Lymphoma Canada, a place so helpful to me during my illness, is something that I try to do regularly. take it to the mat gave me the opportunity to do this and it combined fun, exercise and reflection to boot! The atmosphere was electric, filled with positive energy, and the warmth was contagious. Everyone was there to help others feel and do their best. Professional, warm, fun-filled and healthy – it was a wonderful day, spent in the company of someone who knows me, my fears, what I overcame and why I am grateful. The whole experience was wonderful! We hope to expand our “group” and continue to participate annually, raising money, staying healthy and having fun – all for a wonderful cause.

Ilene Z.

“I was so delighted to be a part of the inaugural Take it to the Mat event. Bringing 17 yoga enthusiasts together to raise funds for such a great cause was both inspiring and tremendously rewarding. There was such great energy in the yoga room and I am sure each and every participant could feel the joy of being a part of such an awesome event. Great speakers, great yoga, great cause. I am certain to be back again next year!!” 

Carolyn T.

“Take it to the Mat was a very rewarding day for me surrounded by supportive friends and fellow participants.  The inspiring speakers and dynamic yoga experience were especially memorable.”

Shelley A.

” It was an honor to participate in the first “take it to the mat” event. As a Lymphoma survivor who has benefited immensely from the introduction of yoga in my healing and recovery, I was ecstatic to participate in an event that truly resonated with me.  From the opportunity to practice with renowned yoga instructors, the enlightening health and wellness presentations, and the touching survivor stories- this event was absolutely inspiring. It was incredible to be in the midst of so many people who wanted to make a difference. I will most certainly be participating in the event next year!

Alyssa D.

“Thank you for the incredible day! My son, Cameron, and I enjoyed the day from start to finish. The “take it to the mat” team pulled it off with such finesse. Both Cameron and I chatted about it all the way home. We agreed that it was such a pleasure to spend the day talking about wellness and practicing yoga with so many people sharing such positive energy. We have too many memories of our times in the hospital as he was treated for Hodgkins, it was lovely to be able to celebrate his health.

Catherine M.

“I was very honoured and excited to be a part of Lymphoma Canada’s very first Take it to the Mat event this year. As BlissOm Holistic Center we came down as a group to support such a fantastic endeavour in memory of my mom, and alongside my family and friends. The entire day was not only  uplifting, but empowering as well. From the great speakers that  shared their personal stories of inspiration and knowledge about lymphoma, to the authentic yoga instructors that brought us all on a wonderful journey of connecting body and mind. To be surrounded with such like minded individuals filled with so much compassion and light, filled my heart with an overwhelming sense of emotion. It was truly a beautiful way to support such a great cause and I left that day knowing that I would surely be back again next year! Thank you Lymphoma Canada for being there on my own personal journey of healing.”

Niki S.

“The Mosaic Hair Group team fully enjoyed Take it to the Mat! It was an amazing experience to spend the day with experts in so many fields. The Yoga Wellness revolution is clearly a great direction for people to channel their energy. As the awareness for lymphoma grows, I feel the only direction to for TITM to go is up! We can’t wait to participate in next years event, and embrace the yoga wellness revolution.”

Drew Wi.