It has long been noted that incorporating a mindfulness practice adds to overall health and wellness.

Linda Morinello discusses the benefits and teaches you simple mindfulness methods that you can incorporate. With the right tools, you will begin to relieve stress and anxiety, reduce blood pressure, improve your sleep and change your thought patterns plus so much more.



Linda Morinello, founder of good4me, is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and a Certified Life Coach. Linda is a lymphoma survivor and a big aspect of her healing was to incorporate a holistic lifestyle. After completing her treatment she left her corporate career and is now focused on helping others. In addition to her practice, Linda facilitates programs at Wellspring Niagara, including the Healing Journey Program and nutrition workshops. Recently Linda published her first book, Conscious Living Through Cancer, to further help people move beyond their illness to a lifetime of wellness. Linda continues to study and research in the area of wellness and is excited to share her knowledge with others.


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