Lymphoma Canada, recognizes a CANO member whose actions support the concept of patient advocacy and decision making, and/or who promotes change within the oncology/hematology communities.

This year’s recipient is Nan Cox-Kennett of the Alberta Health Services in Edmonton Alberta.  Nan has been an oncology nurse for almost 20 years and in the past 5 years has grown and transformed the bone marrow transplant program at the Cross Cancer Institute. As an advanced practice nurse working with individuals diagnosed with leukemia, multiple myeloma and Lymphoma, and those post  transplant, she is keenly aware of the long and complicated journey they endure.

With this in mind, she strives to provide complete care to lessen their burden. Her diligent attention to assessment, prophylaxis and early intervention have helped in part to reduce hospital readmission rates. Her thorough understanding of the long term health concerns of transplant patients led her to initiate and coordinate the local multidisciplinary and group teaching program for transplant patients upon their return to Edmonton post transplant. Ultimately she is always working toward better patient care.

Her expertise also makes her a sought after speaker in her field.

Lymphoma Canada is honoured to be able to present this award to such a deserving woman!

CANO Award winner, Nan Cox-KennettNan Cox-Kennett


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