Lymphoma Canada’s Future Roadmap

As we celebrate a significant milestone in our journey, marking 25 years of dedicated service and commitment to those affected by lymphoma, it’s with great excitement that I share our vision for the future. The past quarter-century has been a testament to our unwavering dedication to improving the lives of individuals impacted by lymphoma. However, our journey is far from over; it’s just the beginning.

Our vision at Lymphoma Canada has always been clear: life unlimited by lymphoma. Looking ahead to the next 25 years, this vision remains our guiding light, steering us toward a future where empowering patients and the lymphoma community through education, support, advocacy, and research, continues to drive our efforts.

Empowering Through Values

Our mission thrives on these core values:

Compassion: Our work is rooted in empathy, respect, and kindness.

Integrity: We are honest and transparent, and adhere to high ethical standards, equality, and fairness.

Excellence: We are passionate and determined and committed to being highly efficient and effective.

Influential: We are credible and professional, and dedicated to making an impactful difference that is evidence-based and legacy-worthy.

Innovative: We are resourceful, empowered, and progressive. We deliver results through teamwork.

Inclusive: We respect equality, diversity and accessibility in our programming and operations.

The Road Ahead

Looking forward, we envision a future where every individual affected by lymphoma feels supported, informed, and empowered. Our commitment to education will continue to equip our community with the knowledge to navigate their journey confidently.

Advocacy remains a pillar of our work. We will tirelessly champion the needs of patients and caregivers, ensuring their voices are heard and their rights upheld. Research fuels hope. Our dedication to advancing research efforts will persist, driving us closer to breakthroughs and improved treatments for lymphoma.

Our Impact

Our strategic commitment to advancing positive change drives our focus towards several key outcomes:

Expanded Reach: We aspire to increase awareness and serve a more significant portion of the Canadian population affected by lymphoma.

Enhanced Educational Services: We aim to witness a surge in participation across Canada, ensuring more individuals have access to vital educational lymphoma related resources.

Improved Access to Therapies: Through advocacy and support, we strive to increase access to novel therapies, ensuring patients have access to cutting-edge treatments.

Research Advancements: Our goal is to facilitate the allocation of research grants, fostering innovation and progress in lymphoma treatment.

As we embark on this ambitious journey, I extend our gratitude to the lymphoma community, whose resilience and strength serve as the driving force behind our existence, as well as to our partners, supporters, donors, and dedicated team whose unwavering dedication fuels our passion and commitment to the cause.

Together, we will continue to forge ahead, transforming our vision into a reality.


Claudio Grossi

Board Chair
Lymphoma Canada

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