Lymphoma in the Canadian Healthcare Landscape & the importance of Patient Advocacy

Lymphoma Canada has several advisory boards which help our organization provide accurate and relevant information to lymphoma patients and caregivers across Canada. We have three main advisory committees, consisting of hematologists/oncologists, nurses, patients, and family members that all have experience with treating or being treated for lymphoma. These advisory committees meet with Lymphoma Canada staff on a regular basis to provide guidance on the development of new resources and advice on the current needs of lymphoma patients across the country.

Advisory committees:

The Scientific Advisory Board consists of several clinicians across Canada who regularly diagnose, treat and interact with lymphoma patients. For a full list of doctors involved with our organization, visit this link: Scientific Advisory Board – Lymphoma Canada

  • Clinicians provide input on educational resources and content to ensure accuracy and relevancy, e.g. patient resource manuals
  • Many have contributed to National treatment guidelines Lymphoma Treatment Guidelines – for Healthcare Professionals
  • Provide input from a clinician’s point of view on novel lymphoma therapies up for review by CADTH

Nurses on Lymphoma Canada’s Nurse Advisory Board provide another important clinical perspective on lymphoma, as they interact with a variety of patients and families in hospitals and cancer centers across Canada.

  • Help engage patient and family members with our online and printed resources
  • Review new educational resources to ensure content is relevant and supportive to patients, survivors, and caregivers.
  • Bring to light the unmet needs of lymphoma patients in the Canadian healthcare system

The Patient and Family Advisory Board consist of people who are in remission from lymphoma treatment or have taken care of someone with lymphoma.

  • Ensure all educational, support and advocacy programs run by Lymphoma Canada accurately represent patients and families.
  • Stay up-to-date on Lymphoma Canada educational events throughout the year, such as webinars and patient conferences
  • Provide valuable insight into the patient experience and the barriers patients can experience when accessing healthcare in Canada.

Lymphoma in the Canadian healthcare landscape & the importance of patient advocacy:

Every Canadian deserves the opportunity to receive the best quality healthcare, including local access to all Health Canada approved lymphoma therapies with minimal delay. Currently, there is a disparity in available treatments depending on which province or territory a lymphoma patient resides in. These inequities include but are not limited to long delays in accessing approved treatments, financial challenges in affording therapy not funded in a patient’s home province, thereby requiring travel for treatment, and lack of support network when receiving treatment.

All three of our advisory committees help to ensure we accurately represent the patient journey and challenges others face accessing lymphoma care in Canada. Our mission is to empower patients and the lymphoma community through education, support, advocacy, and research. This would not be possible without the members of our advisory committees. Thank you!

To learn more about our organization’s structure and 25th anniversary visit: Celebrating 25th Anniversary: Reflecting on Milestones and Impact

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