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Getting a lymphoma diagnosis is an overwhelming experience. It is perfectly normal to be shocked by the diagnosis, anxious about the future, and confused about the medical information and decisions that need to be made. Although each person is different and each response to therapy is unique, knowing someone who has been through the same treatment and who may have had similar concerns can be a source of great comfort.

To help lymphoma patients and their caregivers in this way, Lymphoma Canada offers a few support programs:

This program is provided to Canadian patients and caregivers aged 18 and over. It matches patient or caregiver volunteers who have experience with lymphoma/CLL (mentors), with patients and caregivers who are seeking support (mentees).

Mentees and mentors provide information about their lymphoma experience, allowing Lymphoma Canada to make the best possible matches. Matches are based on mentee requests and the availability of volunteer mentors. The basis for the match can be lymphoma subtype, treatment type, side effects, and/or individual circumstances such as age and family situation.

Mentors and mentees, once matched by Lymphoma Canada, will then initiate their one-on-one support through either email, telephone, or online video conferencing to listen, share experiences, and bring comfort related to the challenges associated with lymphoma/CLL.

Lymphoma support groups provide patients with an opportunity to meet other lymphoma patients and caregivers and to talk about the impact of diagnosis, including emotions and fears associated with cancer, its disruption to one’s life and family, concerns for the future, and strategies that patients might use to cope.

Every month Lymphoma Canada hosts an online support group in collaboration with Wellspring, a cancer support organization. This is intended for patients to share their lymphoma experiences and receive support in a group setting from other patients with a similar treatment or lymphoma subtype. To register please visit this link: Lymphoma Canada Support Group | Well on the Web (

We also have a list of other support programs available on our website if you are interested in attending a support group in your local area.

You may also contact our office by phone or via email to ask questions on these programs or how to seek additional support during your lymphoma diagnosis or treatment.

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Toll Free: 1.866.659.5556
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