Getting a cancer diagnosis is an overwhelming experience. It is perfectly normal to be shocked by the diagnosis, anxious about the future, and confused about the medical information and decisions that need to be made. Lymphoma Canada is dedicated to ensuring patients and their loved ones have the information and support they need throughout their cancer journey.  The more patients and caregivers know about the disease, the more confident they will be in making decisions about their wellbeing and taking action.

Lymphoma affects many people, from patients, family and caregivers, to medical professionals and researchers. Lymphoma Canada exists to connect and empower this community through education, support, and research. Together we are promoting early detection, finding new and better treatments, helping patients access those treatments, learning lymphoma’s many causes and pathways, and finding a cure.

Lymphoma Canada, Canada’s only national organization focused entirely on lymphoma, provides patient and caregiver education and support in both official languages at no cost to participants.

Our vision is life unlimited by lymphoma.

For more information about this registered charity, please visit or call 1-866-659-5556.


  • Lymphoma is a cancer that affects lymphocytes, a crucial component of the body’s immune system, our main line of defense against disease.
  • Lymphoma is the 5th most common cancer in Canada. Every 45 minutes, a Canadian is diagnosed with lymphoma.
  • Lymphoma can occur at any age.  It is the leading cancer in teenagers and young adults (age 15-29 years-old) and the 3rd most common cancer in children.
  • Lymphoma strikes randomly. There is no known cause.
  • There are over 100,000 Canadians living with lymphoma.


Funds donated to take it to the mat, The Great Yoga & Wellness Revolution go directly to helping Canadians living with lymphoma, their families, and lymphoma healthcare professionals.  Thanks to the generosity of take it to the mat sponsors, participants and donors, Lymphoma Canada is able to implement and support the following programs:

  • Peer to Peer Mentoring: A program to connect patients and caregivers with those who have already been through the experience.
  • Educational Forums: Keeping patients and their loved ones apprised of the most current information about lymphoma.
  • National lymphoma treatment guidelines: for patients and doctors – developed by Canadian lymphoma experts, funded and spearheaded by Lymphoma Canada.                                            

The more you give, the more we can do for our community!  We hope that you will consider participating and supporting this year’s edition!

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