You can take advantage of the Holiday Cyber Sale of Betsy de Parry’s newly released book Aventures in Cancer Land until December 15th.  Catapulted into Cancer Land by an "incurable" form of the disease that resisted standard treatments, author Betsy de Parry was rescued by a new treatment that came along in the nick of time. In Part I, she captures, with unflinching candor, her struggle with mortality and her struggle to emerge whole and healed. In Part II, "Tips and Tools To Guide You," Betsy turns her harrowing experience into valuable lessons that can help you maneuver through and beyond your own adventures in Cancer Land.

Peppered with wit, wisdom and occcasional irreverence, this enthralling narrative is a goldmine of insight into the experience of illness and the process of recovery.

You can order her book and read more about Betsy’s happenings at her website