"Lymphoma Canada gave us options and hope. Although we didn't get the desired result, I can't imagine having gone through the experience without the support and expertise offered by Lymphoma Canada."

Sharlene SmithFormer Chair, Board of Directors – Lymphoma Canada

Sharlene’s Story

As we celebrate Lymphoma Canada’s 25th anniversary we are honoured to share a story from Sharlene Smith, former Chair of the Board of Lymphoma Canada, about her connection with lymphoma and Lymphoma Canada.

Sharlene’s story started when her husband was diagnosed with follicular non-Hodgkin lymphoma in May 2013.

Sharlene and her husband

That fall, I saw an ad for board directors at Lymphoma Canada. I thought it would be an opportunity to learn more about the cancer and access support services while contributing my time and skills to the organization. I applied, was selected, and boarded in June 2014. I spent six years on the board, four of them as Chair. In addition to being responsible for the organization’s governance and all that entails, I co-hosted an education forum in Victoria for lymphoma patients and their families and participated in two national conferences. Although I’ve been off the board since June 2020, I have facilitated Lymphoma Canada’s annual strategic planning session for the past 3 years. I am also a long-time donor and have an endowed family fund with the Victoria Foundation that will give to Lymphoma Canada in perpetuity.

Lymphoma Canada was a huge support throughout my husband’s cancer journey. I’m unsure if I knew lymphoma was a form of cancer before his diagnosis. They provided information and access to expertise on treatment options and support. Unfortunately, my husband died in 2016, just over 3 years after we received the diagnosis. He was 61.

Lymphoma Canada gave us options and hope. Although we didn’t get the desired result, I can’t imagine having gone through the experience without the support and expertise offered by Lymphoma Canada.

Our successes would not be possible without the support and contributions of volunteers and donors like Sharlene. When you donate time or funds to Lymphoma Canada, you empower patients and provide relief and support to their loved ones.

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