Patient and Caregivers – WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Please share your COVID-19 experiences. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has had unprecedented and devastating global effects. These effects are strongly felt by cancer patients who experience delayed diagnosis or delays in tests and treatments with increased strain on healthcare systems, and further requiring special considerations to ensure patient safety. We hear from many patients and caregivers about their frustration and anxiety regarding the lack of information about COVID-19 alongside safety concerns and regulations to access care across Canada.  With rapidly developing changes based on new research and governmental policies, ensuring both safety and access to care during COVID-19 can place a significant toll on the patient and caregiver.

To understand the patient and caregiver experience during the early stage of the pandemic, Lymphoma Canada released a survey last year. Notably, results showed that patients were highly anxious about contracting COVID-19 and had concerns about various aspects of their current and future cancer treatment, even early on in the pandemic. Patients had anxiety related to fear of delays in treatment/appointments, fear of cancer progression, and the inability to differentiate between lymphoma symptoms and COVID-19 symptoms.

To understand one year later what the impacts are to lymphoma patients and caregivers, we have released a second experience survey to assess the physical and psychosocial impacts of the COVID-19 virus and to learn more about your needs relating to cancer treatment and the vaccine.

Key findings will help drive upcoming programs and support for patients. It will inspire greater discussions and further collaborations with organizations to address the unmet needs and challenges facing the lymphoma community.

The survey will be open until midnight Pacific Time on Friday, July 2, 2021, and should only take between 15-20 minutes of your time.

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