Manitoba Leads the Way in CLL Research and Treatment

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Recently, a group of Manitoba CLL experts formed the Integrated Multidisciplinary CLL Research Cluster – a collaborative that combines the knowledge and expertise of oncologists, nurses, molecular biologists, immunologists, epidemiologists and patients.

The first of its kind in Canada, the group aims to bridge the gap between research and patients, with the goal of improving care and outcomes for those diagnosed with CLL.

By working together as an integrated team, this multidisciplinary team is better able to understand the origin and development of the disease, develop and test new treatments, and improve patient outcomes and quality of life.

Located at CancerCare Manitoba, the CLL Research Cluster has provided CLL patients in the province with a dedicated clinic, clinical trials, screenings for secondary cancers, a self-administered immunoglobulin program, and a tissue bank, data bank and cancer registry that tracks the specifics of their biology and their disease.

Read more about this innovative model here.


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