Lymphoma Canada is proud to announce its Patient Advisory Committee initiative. This prospective group will be comprised of lymphoma patients and staff and will meet regularly to provide input, insight, and ideas to Lymphoma Canada. 

Tanja Loeb, the organization’s Director of Operations and Programs, says that this committee will “help us ensure that our programs are meeting the needs of patients,” she says. “It will be a mechanism to help us stay aware of relevant issues facing lymphoma patients (and) how we can best meet the wishes and needs of patients and their family members.”

At this point in time, no patients have been formally asked to be part of the Patient Advisory Committee but this group will become an integral part of the organization. 

Committee members will provide input on various LC projects like the upcoming Patient Support Program and the 2014 Patient Survey. They will also provide input on Lymphoma Canada’s various educational initiatives. The opinions and guidance from the committee members on new initiatives and new direction will also be an invaluable resource.

The organization is still in the process of formalizing this committee but is aiming to host its inaugural meeting of the Patient Advisory Committee early in 2014.

“Having a PAC will allow us to have wide representation from a variety of backgrounds, ages, lymphoma types and experiences,” Loeb says.

“We will therefore be able to move forward with our initiatives, knowing that we are meeting people’s needs in the best way possible. We are here for patients, so if we are going to do that well, we need their input.”

Lymphoma Canada’s mission is to empower patients and the lymphoma community through education, support and research. “What better way to do this well than ensure we listen to what patients have to tell us?!,” Loeb says.


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