On behalf of the Board of Directors and Executive Director of Lymphoma Canada, we would like to announce the following appointments:

Tanja Loeb as Communication Manager of LFC. A graduate of McMaster University in Hamilton Ontario, Tanja brings over 10 years of non-profit experience where she has worked in various sectors and most recently was Program Director for a homelessness initiative in Ontario.  Tanja also brings over 20 years of counselling experience to her role and in addition to this, has consulted on and facilitated various workshops in the areas of education, communication, and patient concerns.  Tanja has worked closely within client and government advocacy groups, as well as program and policy development initiatives. 

We believe Tanja will bring her widespread skills and non-profit experience, as well as her passion for patient support, education, and partnering initiatives to this role as she works to develop and support the LC Communication Program.

Please feel free to contact Tanja and introduce yourself to her at tanja@lymphoma.ca

We look forward to supporting you in 2011 and increasing the awareness of lymphoma.

Sue Robson
Executive Director,
Lymphoma Foundation Canada


Paul Weingarten
Chair, Board of Directors


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