Patients & Caregivers – We Need Your Help!

Going through the cancer experience yourself, either as a patient or as a caregiver, you know firsthand the challenges faced as you learned about the disease and the tests, procedures and treatments associated with it.  Outside of the medical component of cancer, there are practical needs such as eating healthy, keeping your energy up, meeting financial requirements, career and family responsibilities.  Coupled together with the emotional side of cancer, patients and caregivers are often faced with more than they believe they can handle.

Frequently we hear patients and caregivers say that they would benefit from speaking with someone who has been through a similar experience; someone who knows what it’s like and truly understands.  Connecting with others through this volunteer experience helps to reduce feelings of isolation and meet the need for support.

Would you like to help?

Lymphoma Canada has a peer mentoring program whereby those going through a critical phase in their disease can connect by phone with another patient or caregiver who has faced similar challenges, for support and talking about their experiences.

We are looking for patients and caregivers who would like to volunteer as a peer mentor.

To become a peer volunteer, you should meet the following criteria:

  • Be a minimum of one year post diagnosis, with an interest in helping others and a willingness to share your experience.
  • Be willing to be screened and trained by Lymphoma Canada, including agreeing to keeping a mentee’s confidentiality and maintain boundaries as outlined by Lymphoma Canada.
  • Make a one-year commitment to the program.

Does this interest you?  If so, please complete the appropraite online application form for you.  Thank you!