Session Date:

Thursday, June 10, 2021
6:00 – 7:00 pm EST

Session Description:

Stem cell transplants are a type of treatment option for lymphoma patients. A stem cell transplant involves treatment with an aggressive therapy first to destroy the cancer, followed by an infusion of your own stem cells (autologous) or a donor’s stem cells (allogeneic) to replace the cells destroyed by the cancer treatment. The stem-cell transplant process is complex and may be used as a treatment option for you depending on your lymphoma subtype, whether you are receiving treatment in the frontline or relapsed/refractory setting, and if you meet the appropriate eligibility criteria for a transplant.

There are many important questions related to stem-cell transplants. This presentation will address many of these questions, providing information about the stem-cell transplant process for lymphoma patients and when this therapy may be available to you throughout your treatment course. Further, new research on the role of stem-cell transplants in lymphoma will be shared.

Speaker: Dr. Mohamed Elemary, MD, MSc, PhD

Hematologist, Saskatoon Cancer Center Medical Director, Blood and Marrow Transplant Program Clinical Associate Professor, College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan, Canada Adjunct Professor, College of Graduate Studies and Research, University of Saskatchewan, Canada

Speaker Biography:

Dr. Mohamed Elemary is a hematologist and director of the Stem Cell Transplant Program at Saskatoon Cancer Centre, and is also an Associate Professor at the College of Medicine and an Adjunct Professor at the College of Graduate Studies and Research at the University of Saskatchewan. Dr. Elemary’s main interests are in malignant hematology and stem cell transplant. He is the principal investigator for many clinical trials for hematologic malignancies and stem cell transplant, and has over 60 publications on these topics. He is a member of Cell Therapy Transplant Canada and the Canadian Stem Cell Transplant Expert Committee. He dedicates his practice and research to lymphoma patients and is an expert in stem cell transplantation.


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