Webinar: Exercise for people with Lymphoma, can it work in the living room? Information, research and tidbits

Date and Time:

September 25, 2020
5:00 PM ‐ 6:00 PM  EST


At this free, patient-centered, educational webinar, Dr. Oren Cheifetz will discuss the benefits of exercise and how to exercise safely during, and after, treatment for lymphoma. He will also provide general guidelines on types of exercise plans for patients with lymphoma.


Dr. Oren Cheifetz is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Rehabilitation Science with McMaster University and a lead oncology physiotherapist based out of the Hamilton Health Science Centre. He has worked with numerous clinicians, cancer survivors, researchers, exercise specialists and program development specialists to design, implement and evaluate cancer rehabilitation programs in hospital and community settings. Dr. Cheifetz was the Principal Investigator and founding team member of the CanWell Program, an evidence based, community exercise and education program for cancer survivors. He dedicates his work and research to the cancer community.


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